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Enjoy the beauty of a tropical Caribbean island with your private Roatan tour. Whether you want to relax or dive into adventure, Roatan has plenty to offer. Zip lines allow you to glide above the tropical wilderness. Roatan features a world class golf course. Hike on a nature tour, take a boat ride through tunnels of mangrove trees, or spend the afternoon snorkeling.

Honduras Tourism

Roatan is the largest of the beautiful Honduras Bay Islands of Honduras. The appeal of this tropical Carribbean island draws thousands of tourists each week. Roatan Island, which is called isla Roatán in Spanish, is rich in history, wildlife, and beautiful, clear water beaches.

Roatan is known around the world for its exceptional scuba diving, and has dozens of dive sites. Sunken ships, a plane fuselage, reef walls, caves, and sandy sea beds provide outstanding surroundings for your diving adventures. Explore the waters just off the island or enjoy the myriad colors of curious fish. If you are adventuresome, you can try a night dive or a day time dive with the sharks. If you prefer more friendly creatures, you can swim with dolphins. Dolphins are contained in a large, fenced area so that people can enjoy diving or snorkeling with them.


Whale sharks migrate through the Bay Islands area seasonally. Divers enjoy encountering these large, harmless creatures in their natural habitat. Boats are used to locate whale sharks prior for whale shark encounters. These encounters may be far from shore.

You may become certified as a diver or simply dive for fun. If you are interested in certification, compare prices on the Bay Islands to those in your home country. You may save a considerable amount of money by choosing to be certified during your visit to the islands.

The reef surrounding Roatan attracts sea life and provides sheltered waters for swimmers. Snorkelers may see sea turtles gliding below the surface with ease. Warm water temperatures and the mild climate make swimming enjoyable almost year around.

Standard Price Range USD

PeoplePrice Each
1105 - 145
242 - 82
332 - 72
426 - 66
525 - 65
623 - 63
721 - 61
8 or more20 - 60
Price depends on tour chosen.

Balance due to driver is to be cash only, USD or Lempiras. Children 5 years old and younger are free for the basic tour but there may be a charge for young children at certain attractions, depending on which tour and attractions are chosen. Pricing is for a private tour - your group only.

Choose a tour that includes wildlife, whether it is the exceptional iguana farm, the monkey farm, the butterfly garden, a nature hike, a horseback ride, or a number of others. Monkeys and colorful parrots are native to Honduras. Monkeys can be mischievous, slipping their hands into your pockets, digging for treasures such as combs or wallets. Parrots love nuts and fruit they find in the wild. The iguana farm feeds the iguanas in the afternoons. Imagine yourself surrounded by dinosaur-like creatures, some two to three feet long!

Zip lines have become popular on Roatan. Given the high elevations and steep slopes on the island, finding a place to soar over the tropical vegetation below is not difficult. You may also enjoy a canopy tour - an elevated walk way through the trees.

Fishermen will enjoy the saltwater fishing - fly fishing in the flats or trolling in deep water for large grouper. Having a barracuda hit your lure at top speed is especially exciting, especially given how hard they fight and when you can see the fish on the line in the crystal clear water! You can arrange for a chartered fishing tour.

Reserve Roatan Shore Excursion

Are you hungry yet? We can find the restaurant of your choice - whether it is steak, seafood, Argentinian, pizza, or island style. Don't miss Roatan's coconut shrimp! Wow! The conch soup is delicious as well.

Ready for adventure? Reserve your private, guided tour today. Cardy Grant is a Roatan native - he knows the island. Cardy has worked for years in the tourism business, from providing scuba safety expertise to a resort to operating a tour business. Cardy is fluent in English and Spanish, and is enthusiastic about making your tour enjoyable, whether he guides your tour himself or your tour guide is another bilingual, friendly islander working in cooperation with Cardy.

Save money by booking your shore excursion directly with Roatan Island Tour Plus rather than booking through a cruise line. The larger your tour group, the more you save by booking directly with us. Do you want more time to enjoy the island? Our prices are for all day private tours, not just a few hours. Whether you arrive by plane, ferry from the mainland of Honduras, or by cruise ship, Roatan Isand Tour Plus can pick you up for your tour.

Let us know how we can make your stay enjoyable. Welcome to Roatan!

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